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Fall in the Natural Charms From Yunnan
Event Date:2010年8月24日 TO 2010年8月31日
Tel:(86 21) 6439 9299-3362  
  • Fall in the Natural Charms From Yunnan


    It’s the right season to dive into delightful Yunnan Delicacy Festival. With a concept of both healthy and delicious dining bearing in mind, chefs from Yunnan have selected prime local food such as Cross-bridge Rice-noodles, Steam-pot Chicken, Matsutake, Yak Meat and etc., to create Yunnan cuisine with a unique flair.

    Time: From August 24th – 31st

    Venue: Jian Guo Hotel, 439 Cao Xi Road (N), Shanghai

    Reservations: (86 21) 6439 9299-3362

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